Flung is one of those onomatopoeic words, and I love them. Just saying it out loud almost sounds like one of those words you'd see in a speech bubble when the hero in a comic book punches a bad guy. Pow! Blam! Flung!

Maybe I should have made that the logo instead. Maybe if you buy this and ask nicely I'll throw in a comic book punch bubble logo as well. Or not; I mean, this current logo is good — it's just not "punch a bad guy in a comic book so hard it has its own word" good.


  • Domain (flung.io)
  • Logo (AI, EPS, PSD, PNG)
  • Fonts*
  • Colour palettes
  • Branding application mockups
  • Branding guide (on request)
* Fonts may have a separate licence cost. Free alternatives can be provided if needed. Buy now