I'll level with you here, reader: I didn't actually come up with this name. It comes from an argument I overheard my next-door-neighbours having about the state of the government's response to and management of the COVID-19 pandemic in this country.

By which, I mean a mum and four-year-old. I submit to you, an artist's approximation of how it went:

4YO: Why don't you get Paw Patrol to fix the coronavirus?

Mum: I don't have their phone number, and they can't help anyway, it—

4YO: Of course they can help, the song says “no job too big”.

Mum: I think they're busy fixing other things right now.

4YO: But granny might die! You need to call Paw Patrol!

Mum: Fine. (Pretends to make a phone call.) Paw Patrol? …

That's where the name comes from. I don't know if Paw Patrol are sorting out COVID-19. I hope they are. Stay safe, stay inside, and stop the spread of the virus until we get the all-clear from Marshall and Chase.


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