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Did you know that amethysts were used by the Ancient Greeks as a protectant against getting drunk? They used to make goblets out of the stuff.

Whether it actually works, I don't know but it's a fun pub quiz fact. (And if you're at a pub quiz, try taking your amethyst goblet to see if you don't get absolutely smashed.)

A less fun fact: there was a perpetual rumour at my school growing up that someone had a copy of a secret Pokémon game called Amethyst because his dad worked for Nintendo. Obviously not true, but Amethyst is the only cardinal gem that didn't get a Pokémon game namesake.

Anyway, yeah, selling a domain. Whatever.


  • Domain (amethy.st)
  • Logo (AI, EPS, PSD, PNG)
  • Fonts*
  • Colour palettes
  • Branding application mockups
  • Branding guide (on request)
* Fonts may have a separate licence cost. Free alternatives can be provided if needed. Buy now