Questions & answers.

Questions about the store

Why would I buy these? The domains are cheaper on their own!
Multiple reasons. (If you wanted to buy them in the first place, that is.)
  1. They’re taken because I own them. You’re not just paying the registrar, you’re paying me to give you the rights to the domain I own too.
  2. They come with a logo template, brand guide and more, all ready-to-go.
  3. I need money.
There’s not just the monetary cost of the domain to consider, you also need to factor in the cost of coming up with names, coming up with logos, coming up with branding to match, etc., and let me tell ya, if you went through an agency or domain marketplace you’d be paying a helluva lot more.
Can I just buy the domain without the branding?
Of course! You don’t have to use the brand that comes with it. Think of it as a freebie. It’s the same price though.
Can I buy the the branding without the domain?
Afraid not. It probably wouldn’t work as well for a different project anyway, I’d guess? (Editor note: this is what happens when you make up FAQs!)
Can I get one of the branded domains cheaper if I don’t want the branding?
That’s just cheeky. You’re lucky I like cheeky. If you get in touch, you might get lucky. You might not.
Do you take offers or make price concessions?
I try to be reasonable with the price — there’s a cost outlay for buying the domains as well as time to design, conceptualise and maintain everything. I try to keep prices as low as I can, but if you have a good offer, feel free to get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.
Are the logos and brands unique?
Yes, everything’s designed specially for the brand — as if it were one of my own personal projects. That does mean some of the projects can get quite messy-looking, but they’ll be tidied up before you buy them. (Editor: after you buy them. Don’t lie.)
Do I need to credit or mention you in any way?
It’d be nice if you did, but no. Everything is royalty-free after purchase, you fully own the content and can do what you like with it — although I reserve the right to talk about it if it’s a smashing success — see the Terms & Conditions page. This can all be negotiated if it’s a concern, though. Just drop me a line and we can take it from there.

Flash sale questions

How come the names on the flash are cheaper?
Great question. They’re cheaper for a couple of reasons, namely:
  1. This price is only temporary. If they don’t sell here, I’ll put them up for sale on the usual domain reseller markets, at a very large markup.
  2. There’s no logos or branding that come included, just the name. It takes a lot less effort to put these names up for sale.
  3. It (usually) costs me less to buy these — the actual TLD tends to be cheaper.
And obviously, I can pass these savings on to you.
How long do the flash domains appear on sale for?
They’re up for 3 days, or until someone snaps it up, whatever is sooner. There’s a handy countdown for how long they have left.
Do flash domains come with any branding?
No, but if you really wanted it, leave a note with the purchase or get in touch and we might be able to work something out.
I missed a flash domain for sale! Can I still buy it?
If it ran down the 3 day countdown, maybe — try getting in touch. If someone bought it, then no. Obviously.
When do flash names get added?
Sporadically and randomly. I have an email list that’s worth subscribing to — you’ll get notified as soon as there’s new names.

General/other questions

How often do names/domains get added?
It’s generally on a one-in, one-out basis. As soon as I sell one, I'll put another one up. Unless I wake up in the middle of the night or have a daydream with an incredible idea, then I’ll put that up. Dear lord, what a sad little life.
How does transferring domains work?
Because the domains are registered through several different registrars, this varies on a case-by-case basis (and I’ll email you full details), but it typically involves getting you to register a free account with a registrar, then pushing the domain to that account. Here is a guide for .com domains.
How do I know the domain will be transferred to me?
Because I’m a nice person, because I have no social life, and because it’s a simple enough process on my end. It’d be daft if I didn’t. Also, when you buy, I am legally entering in to a pinky promise. Of course, it is a manual process so it might not be guaranteed within 24 hours, but it’ll be pretty sharpish. Unless I’m having a nap, then it’ll be after.
Who’s behind this?
My name is Charlotte! I have tons of ideas for names for projects that’ll never get built, time to kill and a love of fonts. It’s a lousy superpower but a superpower nontheless.
Can I hire you for custom work?
What are your rates and availability?
Yes, but my availability is limited and rates are dependent on whether I like a project or not. That said, there’s no harm in trying. Like my primary school headteacher once said, “if you don’t try you’ll never succeed”. Nice guy. Anyway, there’s a page for custom work enquiries, if you fill that form out we can chat, at no cost.
I had no idea there was a .kiwi TLD.
Not a question. But I know, right? Very cool. It’s meant to be for New Zealanders to show national pride, but it’s also my second-favourite fruit (sorry, but raspberry wins every time) and it’s a cool name.
Who’s stopping me buying these domains and then just reselling them at a higher price?
Legally? Officially? Nobody. (Do this if you want — I don’t care, I’m getting paid either way.) It’s arguably close to cartoon villain territory, though, and I can not be held responsible if the Scooby Doo gang come after you.

Can I sell my domain to you?
Can I work with you to sell a domain I own?
Sure, it’s not like I’m hoarding enough domains already. If you’ve got a good name, get in touch and we can chat more.